Booking Terms and Conditions

You must be 18 years of age to make any booking on this site. 


It is a condition of this booking that you agree to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. By your acceptance you acknowledge that you have read and understood these and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to the term and conditions set out below you should not complete your booking with BYOjet. 

Definitions used. Booking(s):  any services and bookings made with BYOjet either online, by phone or in person. Booking Fees or Charges:  Fees and/or charges are charged to any customer for services and bookings made with BYOjet either online, by phone or in person. Fares : The amount quoted for travel, by air, sea or land or for car or equipment rental, or for hotel or accommodation. Tickets or E-Tickets: A ticket issued by any airline, cruise ship, train or any other method of transportation. Hotel Bookings and Vouchers:  A voucher, confirmation or receipt given to you by us for travel, accommodation, tour, show, attraction/theme park, cruise ship and/or rental cars. We or Us: BYOjet (see below). You, Your, Passenger or customer:  the person and/or entity using the website either online, by phone or in person to effect travel bookings

BYOjet. References to "us", "we", "our" and/or "BYOjet" in these booking terms and conditions shall mean FCM Singapore Pte Ltd trading as BYOjet.

Booking Fees and charges. All prices displayed on our website are in Singapore Dollars and include government charges and taxes. Please note that, service provider and/or taxes and fees may still apply. 

Credit Card Usage.  By selecting Credit Card as a means of payment you confirm your agreement to the following conditions. If you make any payment by Credit or debit Card a third party supplier fee may apply. If for any reason any travel service provider, including airlines, does not provide the services and or flights, which you have booked and paid for, Including but not limited to the grounding or insolvency of the Airline or travel provider, the liability is against that provider, and not against BYOjet. If payment for the service was made to BYOjet by credit card, by accepting these booking conditions, you agree that you will not seek to charge back your credit card payment. In the event you do charge back to your credit card for any reason whatsoever where we had to pay an Airline or travel provider on your behalf including but not limited to any double or duplicate booking made by you where we have suffered a loss as a result of this chargeback. We reserve the right to recover this debt from you by handing this over to a debt collection agency and or lawyer for collection. You may also be liable for any legal or collection cost. You agree to us obtaining and or providing your credit information to/from any credit reporting agency. Please look carefully to check if the price is quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Most hotels and tours and services may be quoted in the local currency. If you are in doubt or uncertain please enquire before booking. If the price is quoted in a currency other than SGD your credit card may be charged in that currency and will be converted to SGD at the prevailing rate by your bank that may also charge a conversion fee (usually between 1% and 3%), or may be converted by us using the prevailing selling rate on that day. For your convenience some international low-cost carrier's prices have been converted to SGD. The amount charged to your card may vary due to currency fluctuations at the time the ticket is issued. All fares quoted and charged to you are based on fares provided to us at the time of quote or ticketing. In the event that the airline should impose a higher fare that was paid either before or after actual travel or any other reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, no show, you agree and authorize us to charge your credit card with the additional amount charged to us by the airline or provider, and not to dispute this charge with your bank. You understand that we act solely as agent for you with the airline and are not the travel provider. Any dispute you may have is between you and the airline, we will assist you with any such dispute to the best of our ability by providing all documentation relating to this booking we may have. 


Fees.   A ticketing fee may also apply to certain airlines or routes. This will be displayed in the total fare on the payment page. Many low cost carriers or domestic airlines charge a convenience and/or admin fee, these are fees that the airlines charge. At all times any fees that are applicable will be displayed in the total booking cost before you proceed with passenger names and again on the final payment page prior to payment. To see the convenience fees charged please click on "Show Details". 

Changes or cancellations.  To deliver the best possible prices, all fares should be considered not refundable or unchangeable and incur a 100% cancellation fee. This is because of airline policy and beyond our control. You should ask us if we can help in any particular case; as we will support appropriate cases with the Airline, but cannot guarantee any success. In the exceptional case that a change is approved fees will apply. All changes including but not limited to: Flight, Date, Itinerary, Passenger name change or Cancellation, will incur a processing fee of SGD40.00 fee per ticket, plus any airline fees or fare difference. All changes should be requested online using the "Change My Booking" option on the main page of our website or by calling +65 3158 5058 as soon as reasonably possible after you realize something is wrong. No change or charge will be made to you until you confirm the change by replying to our e-mail. 

Refunds. If a refund is requested, BYOjet will apply to the airline for this refund on your behalf. The airline will in most cases impose fees in addition to our fees of SGD40.00 per ticket, any BYOjet charges including any credit card processing fees and commissions we receive are never refundable. The amount of refund to you will be the actual net amount we receive from the airline less our fees as described above. Any estimate we  give you as to the actual amount of refund you will get and how long it will take is our best assessment and not guaranteed until the actual refund is received by us from the airline. 

Agent Only. We act as agents only and are not the service provider. As such all refunds made to you are based on us receiving this refund from the Airline, Hotel, Tour Operator, Cruise line or any other provider. In the event we advance you a refund that is later not allowed by the Airline or supplier and we are charged by that Airline or supplier for this booking, you will be responsible to repay us the amount that the provider has charged back to us. In this instance we will charge the same credit card that the refund was credited to for the actual amount that the provider has charged us. In the event that the refund was paid to you by cash, cheque or bank transfer you will be responsible to repay us this amount on request by us. By you requesting the refund you acknowledge that you are aware of these terms and conditions and agree that any dispute regarding the non-refund and or charge back is between you and the airline or provider and not with us. You also acknowledge that BYOjet acts solely as agent on your behalf with the airline or supplier. You also agree that you will not instruct your bank to charge back any such charge as described above. 

Charges for 'No Show'. Some airlines are now charging a 'no show' fee, if you do not turn up on time for the departure of your flight. If we receive a no show charge from the airline we will pass this charge on to you and you agree to be responsible for payment. To avoid no show charges, please cancel any flights you cannot or do not intend boarding, even if there is no refund. You can cancel with the airline directly online or by phone. 

Fares.  The booking and price is not guaranteed until payment has been received and the flights ticketed. In the event a displayed fare is not available at the time of your booking and payment, an agent will contact you with any available fares or dates; you will have the option to cancel and get a full refund or pay any additional fare if applicable. Airlines sometimes display fares that are no longer available. If the fare selected is not available or sold out you will be contacted with available fares or alternate dates to complete the booking. Prices are subject to availability, may change without notice and are not guaranteed until paid in full, ticketed and documents issued. Prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars. 

Tickets. All airline tickets must be issued in the name of the passport/photo identity holder. Some carriers will deny carriage if the name varies and the booking may be cancelled. It is your responsibility to check that the names on the e-tickets we provide you with are correct. In the event of a name that does not exactly match the passengers Passport, you must notify us immediately so we can attempt to correct the error. If you do not notify us immediately to correct the error you may be denied boarding and be liable for the cost of a new ticket, even if the error was not your fault. In some cases the airline may impose a fee, charge or re-issue a new ticket for all name changes. You will be responsible for this cost if the error is a result of any of the following actions: a) You supplied incorrect name information; b) You received a copy of the booking prior to ticketing and did not notice or were unaware of the incorrect information; c) You did not check the e-ticket or itinerary or vouchers supplied to you by e-mail or mail, and only noticed this at the time; and d) Any other reason that was not a direct error by BYOjet. In the event of an error by an employee of BYOjet this must be reported within 24 hours of you receiving the confirmation, itinerary or e-tickets, or immediately in the case where travel is within the next 48 hours, and the passenger can demonstrate that the correct details were supplied and the error was made by BYOjet to our satisfaction, then and only then will our responsibility be limited to paying the cost imposed by the airline involved to effect the name change on the ticket. We will not at any time be responsible for any associated or incidental costs, including but not limited to missed flights, hotels, ground transport, loss of deposits or delays. For paper tickets issued so that upon check-in at the airport all you need is to present government-issued passport. Airlines sometimes reject confirmed reservations up to two days after the booking was made and confirmed by the airline. This does not happen often, in the unlikely event of your booking is rejected by the airline. We will do our best to find a viable alternative for you, and contact you with all available options. If you are not happy with any alternatives proposed. We will immediately refund your credit card in full. We cannot be held liable for any increase in fare or any other loss whatsoever. Our maximum liability is the actual amount paid by you to us. 

Schedule Changes. Airlines often change schedules and your flight departure time could change at any time. It is your responsibility to check for any schedule changes least 24 hours before your flight departure time. This can be done for most international and major airlines by visiting and entering your reference number and surname. If you are unable to verify your schedule, please call or visit the airlines website directly. BYOjet will not be responsible for any missed flights due to schedule changes. 

Missed Flights. We will not be responsible for any loss as a result of a missed flight, arriving at the incorrect airport or terminal, or denied boarding for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, arriving late, not having the required visas or under the influence of alcohol. It is your responsibility to be at the airport by check-in time and to have the correct visas required. 

Code share flights. A 4 digit flight number is usually a code share flight. It is common practice for airlines to codeshare, i.e. where a different carrier than the carrier who issued the ticket operates a flight. It is your responsibility to check and arrive at the correct terminal in time. If in doubt or unsure please call our office or check online at 

Check In. Airlines have different check-in times. You must be at the check-in counter at the check-in time provided by the airline, cruise ship or service provider. 

Terminals. Please note terminal information of the itinerary may change at any time. Please check your current live itinerary at or calling the airline to verify the terminals. Please allow enough time to change terminals. 

Agreements. You acknowledge that the information, prices, seating, times etc. on our website or quoted to you are supplied to us by third parties including but not limited to airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators etc. In the event of an error either by the third party, a member of our company or a software or data capture error, we reserve the right, in consultation with you, to make any changes required. Additional fees may become payable by you and your itinerary may need to be amended to comply with rules and/or availability of seats. Airlines and other third party travel providers impose different terms and conditions on the sale of specific travel products featured on this site. 

Consent. You grant us an ongoing consent to use your information to promote and market our products and services and make other offers to you (including making telemarketing calls to you and sending you electronic messages including via email and SMS). You acknowledge that this consent continues indefinitely until such time as you advise us to cancel this consent, either by e-mail to [email protected]


Luggage Allowance. Many airlines do not offer a free luggage allowance and charge for each bag checked. If you are traveling on a low cost carrier, or any American domestic flight, these flights usually charge extra for luggage. Please check the airline website, as we may not have up-to-date information on all airlines. In most cases it is cheaper to pre-pay for luggage on these carriers than to pay at the airport. Please check your booking conformation to see what the luggage allowance is. If no luggage information is provided please check the airline website. Carry-on bag allowance varies from airline to airline. Please check this prior to travel. If unsure please visit the airline website. In the case of domestic carriers abroad please visit the airline website. If you are unsure please call BYOjet and we will be happy to assist you. View Domestic Luggage Allowance. 

Airline Schedule Changes. Sometimes airlines may cancel, or change the flight you are on, or flights may be delayed or schedules changed. It is your responsibility to check for any schedule changes directly with the airline or service provider prior to travel. These are initiated by the airlines or service providers and are not under our control. Responsibility for this rests with you and the airline that in the case of some delays, itinerary changes and cancellations may or may not compensate you. BYOjet accepts no responsibility for any loss or compensation in regard to any delay, cancellation schedule or itinerary change, incorrect information or any other reason whatsoever that is related to a third party supplier, airline, tour or cruise ship operator. If you are unhappy with the change the airline or travel provider has made please contact the relevant company directly. 



It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid passports, visas and re-entry permits which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility. All travellers must have a valid passport for international travel. Many countries require at least 6 months validity from the date of return and some countries require a machine-readable passport.

For Singapore passport holders, you may visit the following to check if you need a visa to visit your destination (Click Here) . We do not warrant the accuracy of such information and accept no liability for any loss or damage, which you may suffer in reliance on it.


Travel insurance is highly recommended and is designed to protect you if your travels are disrupted by unforeseen circumstances such as an accident in a rental car, medical emergencies, lost luggage, personal liability and cancellation of travel arrangements. Visit the insurance section on our website to find out more or purchase travel insurance if you have not already done so as part of your booking. 

NOTICE: Travelers to/via the USA. It is now a requirement by the Department of Homeland Security for all passengers travelling to the USA effective 12 January 2009 to apply for a Travel Authorization Number at least three days prior to scheduled departure. This approval number will be valid for two years from date of application and passengers will be denied boarding in Singapore if they do not have this approval document. Apply for an authorization to travel to the United States if: You are a citizen or eligible national of a Visa Waiver Program country You are currently not in possession of a visitors visa. Your travel is for 90 days or less. You plan to travel to the United States for business or pleasure. For more details, and to apply online, please visit BYOjet will not be held liable for any costs or cancellation penalties or inconvenience where travelers do not have a travel authorisation and are not permitted to travel. 

Jurisdiction. By accepting these conditions, you agree to be bound by and submit to the jurisdiction of Australian Law Courts, Tribunals and Alternate Dispute resolution Forum and the laws of those applicable particularly in the State of Queensland (within the City of Brisbane) as the appropriate place for any action or disagreement arising between us to be commenced, determined and made the subject of recovery action at first instance; and thereafter wherever you may live. 

Privacy Notice. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires you to provide your full name, date of birth, and gender for the purpose of watch list screening, under the authority of 49 U.S.C. section 114, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 and 49 C.F.R parts 1540 and 1560. You may also provide your Redress Number if available. Failure to provide your full name, date of birth, and gender may result in denial of transport or denial of authority to enter the boarding area. TSA may share information you provide with law enforcement or intelligence agencies or others under its published system of records notice. For more on TSA privacy policies, or to review the system of records notice and the privacy impact assessment, please see the TSA Web site at 

Ticket Delivery Information. BYOjet operates as a ticketless travel agency. All you need to do is present photo ID and the attached itinerary. Its that easy! 

Liability. BYOjet does not accept any liability for: a) Omissions of default of any third party providers; b) Damage, injury, delay, additional costs or inconvenience caused by any event or Act of God that is not under our direct control; c) The cancellation of any tour, cruise, flight or other services; d) Bankruptcy, insolvency or administration of any kind preventing travel including, but not limited to, any airline, cruise ship or tour operator or any third company providers; e) Any reason any travel service provider, including airlines, do not provide the services to which you have been contracted. The liability is against that provider. If payment for such a service was made to us by credit card, by accepting these booking conditions, you agree that you will not seek to charge back your credit card payment. f) Airline schedule change g) Passenger denied boarding due to not having the correct visas for any reason whatsoever including technical stops. h) Any missed flights whether due to schedule change, not arriving at the correct check-in counter on time or missed connections. BYOjet disclaims and will be exempt from any liability under the law of contract, tort or by virtue of statutory enactment in relation to any loss to; personal injury, death or illness of: damage or theft of personal property of any sort of; expense of inconvenience caused through delay to; disappointed expectation of; or accident befalling; the traveler or any dependents, arising out of any negligent act or omission, breach of any duty imposed by statute, breach of any law of the place of destination or on route to or from the destination, tort (whether intentional or unintentional), or breach of a contractual term, whether expressed or implied or breach of duty arising under or imposed by any law on the part of BYOjet, its servants or agents or of any sub-contractor or supplier of any product or service on the website. 

Maximum Liability. Notwithstanding any other of the terms and conditions listed, the maximum liability of any claim against BYOjet can never exceed the actual fare paid to BYOjet. 

These terms were last updated on 8th Aug 2018.